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I was in Chatsworth on business, and stopped at Les Sisters’ Southern Kitchen. It’s a fairly small place, the server was very polite, and expedient. They have a sign bear the door that says “Be Nice Or Leave” – you have to love that.

They fancy themselves as a “New Orleans Comfort Food” place – and I would agree with that. It is a very nice place to sit and have lunch – kind of like eating with family or friends.

I had a lunch sized Meat Combo, with 1/4 of a BBQ Chicken, and Beef Spare Ribs. I normally don’t order beef ribs, because they are often tough – and that is not enjoyable. For a side, I ordered BBQ Beans – very good – slightly sweet, with a hint of spice. It was a perfect “lunch” portion. I left satisfied, but not stuffed.

As for the price, it was a little over $25.00 – which is fairly normal for “good” BBQ. ” All it takes is to have “bad BBQ” one time – then you really appreciate food like this.

The only negative is common to most businesses in the greater LA area – no parking. I parked in a vacant parking lot about 200 feet away, and it was worth the walk. I would definitely recommend Les Sisters’ Southern Kitchen, and will visit again when in the area.


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