Smoked Tri-Tip Sandwiches

I like Tri-Tip – especially when it is cooked properly. I buy my Tri-Tip in bulk, when on sale, season them, and wrap them individually. That way, I never have to pay $4.00/pound (or more) for Tri-Tip. So, with that being said – the other day I took 2 Tri-Tip out of the freezer and I smoked them using Apple Wood.

I use a rub made with Black Pepper, Salt, Onion Powder Garlic Powder, Ground Mustard, Ancho Chili Powder, Cummin, Cayenne Pepper, and Brown Sugar.

First, I get my charcoal hot, and get my Apple Wood Chips soaking in water. The reason I soak the wood chips in water is that makes them less likely to “burn” – they just “smoke.”

Now that the Tri-Tip is on the Smoker, I get out my Charcoal Chimney and start the next batch of Charcoal cooking.

I keep an eye on the Tri-Tip while it cooks, and try to maintain the temperature around 300 degrees. The Brown Sugar helps to get a nice char on the outside of the Tri-Tip as it carmelizes. Also, I cook the Tri-Tip a bit on the rare side – as you will see later.

As soon as I take the Tri-Tip off the Smoker, I cover it with aluminum foil and let it rest. Within an hour, I put the entire pan in the refrigerator to cool. The reason I do that is that is much easier to slice when it is cold. After it is cold, I brought out my electric meat slicer and sliced the Tri-Tip into thin slices (I did this off camera).

We have a Cast Aluminum “flat top” that I put onto the Gas Grill – and once it is hot, I start putting the strips of Tri-Tip onto the flat top. This finishes off the cooking process, plus it browns the meat at the same time – it definitely adds to the flavor.

Then I liberally apply butter to both halves of a French Roll, and put it on the griddle to get a nice “toast” on it. This, in my opinion, completes this sandwich.

Then the fun begins – assembling the sandwich. For me, it is pretty simple – some Cheese and some Creamy Chipotle Sauce that a friend of mine, Cliff Smith, made.

I started out eating one of these sandwiches, but had to make myself a second one – they are sooo good. This has definitely become one of my favorite ways to eat Tri-Tip. When it is sliced thin like this – it is so amazingly tender, and easy to chew and eat. We have all had Tri-Tip Sandwiches that were sliced thick – and it was more work to eat it than it was worth – not so with this sandwich.

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