A Poem I wrote in 1983

This post is a little different – we are getting ready to move in about a month and a half – and I was going through some stuff in the garage – and I came across a booklet with my poems in it. I especially like this one – let me know what you think.

“’If’ For Boys”

If you can respect yourself as well as others
Be kind as well as strong when necessary
Treat all acquaintances as sister of brother
And help those whose burdens are too large to carry.

If you can dream dreams, with the willingness to pay
Whatever consequences or prices are involved
Or give your best, whether at work or play
And strive to have all troubles resolved.

If you can stand tall, although defeated
And maintain composure when victorious
Or accept criticism without becoming heated;
Knowing when to laugh and when to be serious.

If you are able to treat those you hate
With the same respect and understanding
You give to those you love, or when with your mate
Be not too giving, nor too demanding.

If you can balance weakness with strength
Never giving up, but instead compromising
Or take up the slack in the proper length
And live your life without stereotyping.

If you have the ability to admit you’re wrong;
Not to mention your many inabilities
And keep in mind, you cannot always be strong
Because being a man requires great sensitivity.

If you can be honest with all those that surround you;
And pay no mind to untruths that may affect your mood.
You’ll be a man… And all those around you
Will be the richer for your manhood!!!

Written by Matthew Liphart
November 3, 1983

Let me know what you think, and if you want to see more of them.

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