Wood and Glass Display Case

A friend of mine, Joe Buccino, asked me to build a display case. He has a white Golf Hat that was autographed by Professional Golfer Dustin Johnson. Joe is going to auction this autographed hat in a charity auction.

Let give the back story to how I met Joe. Several years ago, I worked for Brian and Terri Fish at Fish Window Cleaning. Brian took the whole crew golfing at Riverlakes Golf Course in Bakersfield, CA. While we were in the Pro Shop, we were asked if there are any Veterans in our group – which I am. He had me fill out this card and place it in this bowl, because a man draws a name once/month and treats that Veteran and a friend to a round of golf and a meal at the Clubhouse. A few months later, my name was drawn by Joe Buccino – which is how we met. Joe Buccino is a “friend to Veterans” – so, when he asked me to build this display case – I was honored to be able to do it.

I started with a couple of pieces of Poplar wood – glued them together and let them cure.

Then I took 4 pieces of glass, cut them to 12 inches x 8 inches, and 1 piece 12 inches x 12 inches (for the lid). I glued the 4 12 x 8 pieces together in a square, and applied silicone to the insides of the corners.

Then I put a nice design around the edges of the base with my router, and cut a groove about an inch in from all sides with the router – for the glass top to set in.

Then I stained the base with a Dark Walnut stain, and applied a Clear Coat.

Then, I ran a bead of silicone in the groove, and set the square glass arrangement into the groove, then ran a thin bead of clear silicone along the outside of the glass enclosure.

Then I added some hinges and a latch system – along with some Felt tabs to keep the lid from having “glass to glass” contact.

This was the first time that I have successfully cut glass on my own – and it went pretty good – I only messed up 1 piece, lol. Overall, I am very pleased with how this project ended up.

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