Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Dogs

Last night, I made some Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Dogs, with some Homemade French Fries. We started with some large Cheddar Sausages, wrapped each one with a piece of Bacon (everything is better with Bacon, lol). I had not yet cooked anything quite like this in the Air Fryer – so, here we go. I am constantly hearing from different people regarding their struggles getting things to turn out right with the Air Fryer – but, for me, it’s mostly just a case of experimenting with different Temps and Times. There is definitely some differences when cooking with the Air Fryer, but once you figure it out – it is an amazing appliance.

We also Sautéed some Mushrooms, Onions, and Bell Peppers to top the Bacon Wrapped Dogs. I put 5 of the Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Dogs in the Air Fryer, set it at 360 degrees for 15 minutes – flipping the Dogs at the half-way point. The Cheddar Sausages were browned nicely, and more importantly, the Bacon was cooked well – it was not over-cooked (or burnt), but had a nice crispness to it – which is what I look for in a Bacon Wrapped Dog.

Then, we made some Homemade French Fries, and I “double fried” them, allowing for a more crispy Fry – with a more Golden Brown color. In this instance, I fried them for about 3 minutes – then pulled them out of the and let them cool – then dropped them back in the Oil to finish frying – that helps give that crispy exterior, while the inside of the French Fries are soft and tender. Then we put a light sprinkle of Sea Salt on the French Fries. We cook the French Fries in Peanut Oil which gives them a bit different flavor than with Vegetable Oil.

As for the Bun, we used a “Sweet Hawaiian” Hot Dog Bun. I’m not a big “bread” guy, but I really like the sweet flavor of these buns and rolls. I finished off my Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Dog with some Ketchup (yes, I said Ketchup – I definitely think that Ketchup DOES belong on a Hot Dog) and some Sautéed Mushrooms. The rest of the family added the Sautéed Onions and Bell Peppers to their dogs.

This is a very simple supper, but yet, a very good supper. I have always been a “Hot Dog” kind of guy. I have heard all of the stories about “how Hot Dogs are made” – but, I like them anyway, lol. For me, it’s hard to beat a good dog!

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