Redwood Porch Swing

A friend of mine from church needed a new Porch Swing – so I offered to build one. I had a design to go off of – but, it was a single seat Swing – and she wanted a Double Seat Swing. So, I did some re-engineering, and made it into a double seat Swing. Here is a picture of the Swing that I used for an example – and when you see the final Swing – you will notice the size difference.

I started by cutting out all of the pieces with curves in them – as they are some of the most critical, and difficult pieces. We talked about the different types of wood to use, and she decided on Redwood. Here are some pictures of the “cut” parts.

Then, I began to assemble the pieces – starting with the main Swing frame.

Then, I started putting the Seat Slats on – pre-drilling all of the screw holes to avoid splitting. I also put some wood glue on all of the Slats for some added strength.

After I installed all of the Seat Slats, I installed the Armrests – complete with “cup holders.” As you can see, there are 2 holes in the Armrests – on large hole for the “Cup Holders” – and the smaller hole is for the chains to suspend the Swing to go through.

Now that it was all assembled, it was time to sand it, and spray it with some Verathane Polyurethane. Since this is a “Porch Swing” – and will be outside, I used an Exterior grade Poly. We elected not to apply any Stain – but, to allow the natural Redwood colors to show through.

Then, I let the Poly dry for just over a week before installing the chains to hand the Swing. Then today, I took the Porch Swing and installed it. I even sat in it myself – and I’m not a small guy – and it held me just fine, lol.

Overall – I am very happy with the end result – and more importantly, my friend was delighted with the new Porch Swing.

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