Chocolate Covered Bacon

Last night, Gunner and his friend KJ (nicknamed Bacon), spent the night at our house. Several months ago, KJ came over with Gunner for breakfast, and that’s when I discovered his affinity for Bacon – so I told him that his new nickname is “Bacon.” And last night, KJ had a new name for me – he said that I’m his “Grandpa.” I will take that, lol.So, because of KJ ‘S love of Bacon, I made some Chocolate Covered Bacon. I had cooked the bacon earlier this morning, in my Cast Iron Skillet, the only way that I cook Bacon any more.

Then, I melted the Chocolate in a double boiler (to keep the Chocolate from burning).

I laid out 10 pieces of Bacon on a rack on some Parchment Paper, and drizzled the Hot, melted Chocolate over the cooled Bacon.

I have made this before – and that contrast between the sweetness of the Chocolate and the Saltiness of the Bacon is a very appetizing combination. I put the Chocolate Covered Bacon in the refrigerator to cool – then it was the for the taste test. I had KJ (Bacon) go first – and he liked it – which was no surprise to me, lol

Another successful food adventure, lol.

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