LA Rams Clock

Now, for some woodworking – a LA Rams Clock. This is truly a new venture for me – because it involves more “art” than actual woodworking. I never was known as much of an artist – but, I gave it a try – and although not perfect – I am happy with the end result.

I started with one of the older LA Rams logos, cut it out with matte photo paper, then cut it out with MDF.

Then, I took one of the 3 paper templates and cut out all of the “white” parts to start, then laid the template over the MDF form (like a stencil), and traced out the white parts.

Then, I started to paint the blue and the gold. This was a huge challenge for me. Finally, I decided to use some tape to help with the lines – but with only mediocre results. So, I got some 1/4 inch wide masking tape that they use in the Autobody industry – and that made a big difference.

As you can see, the lines were extremely rough – but, they do get better. I would go over with the Gold to smooth the lines, then go over with the Blue to further smooth the lines, then go over with the White, etc until I got to the finish.

Then, I drilled a hole for the clock mechanism to come through the inside of the Ram’s horn.

Once the hole was drilled, then I marked out for the clock mechanism on the back of the clock, then I clamped the clock down, and took my router and routered out the spot for the mechanism to fit into. Then, I attached the numbers to the face of the clock.

Then, I applied a clear coat to the back of the clock to start, then after it dried, I applied a clear coat to the front of the clock. I used a water based polyurethane (called Polycrylic) because the oil based Polyurethane has a slight hue to it, and can cause the colors (especially the White) to have a tint to them. While the Polycrylic dries “crystal clear” – with no yellowing.

I applied the clear coat over top of the numbers to better hold them in place.

Then I put the clock mechanism in place, tightened it up, and put the hands on it.

After I applied the clear coat – my lack of artistic talent really showed through – with all of the mistakes being highlighted by the clear coat. After that, we are done – just need to let the clear coat dry completely. As I said, this was a definite challenge to me – but, I think I met the challenge.

One thing that would change, if to do it again, would be to use Silver numbers instead of Black. I was hoping that the Black letters would show up better against the blue background – but, that’s one of the challenges to being colorblind.

This was another fun (and challenging) project that I enjoyed.

Next, on to a Cowboys clock for one of my granddaughters.

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