Stuffed Mushrooms

Several years ago, I was working a booth at the local Home and Garden Show, and in the booth next to us was the booth with the “Stove Top Grill.”

At first, I thought that this was an odd looking thing – but, after sampling the food cooked on it – I bought one. I have cooked several different things on the Stove Top Grill, but, my favorite is Stuffed Mushrooms. Last night, I made some Stuffed Mushrooms – some stuffed with Pepperoni, and some stuffed with Sausage.

I start with the Button type Mushrooms, and I pop the stems out of them (I will Sautee them later).

Then, I put Pepperoni in about half of them, and a Breakfast Sausage in the other half. And, due to the heat level used with the Stove Top Grill and the cooking time – I did not have to pre-cook the Sausage. Then I liberally topped that with Parmesan Cheese.

With this Stove Top Grill, I put water in the cavity, and the moisture provided by the water helps keep the food from drying out while cooking.

I cook them on Medium / high heat until the cheese is completely melted. The I let them cool for a few minutes before eating.

Then when I have finished cooking all of the Stuffed Mushrooms, then I Sautee the stems in Butter and Garlic Salt – very good.

The good thing about making Stuffed Mushrooms like this is that – as far as what you stuff them with – you are only limited by your imagination. We have tried various types of meat – and have like them all.

Now, I want to try to cook these Stuffed Mushrooms in the Air Fryer – and compare that to the Stove Top Grill.

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