1212 Santa Monica Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA

Today, I had my final doctors appointment for my Kidney removal. After my appointment, my friend, Jacare, and I went to a restaurant in Santa Monica, CA called 1212 Santa Monica. 1212 Santa Monica is a very nice restaurant with extremely good food. I had a “Classic Cheeseburger w/Fries, and Jacare had a Tuna Sandwich with a Salad. And we had some bread – and it was some of the best bread that I have ever eaten (and I’m not really a ” bread” guy.)

The ambiance was really nice, and as for the water that they bring to the table – they bring it in the tall “water bottle” and we can fill up our glasses any time we want – an interesting touch.

This restaurant is in between 2nd and 3rd Street in Santa Monica, in the promenade – where no vehicles are allowed. Let’s start with the bread – the outside of the bread was very “crispy” – but, unexpectedly, the inside of the bread was amazingly soft and very tasty.

Now, for the Classic Cheeseburger, I ordered it Medium rare, and it was cooked very to my satisfaction. And, for another interesting touch, they burn the 1212 logo into the top of the bun – pretty cool. The Burger was very moist, the bun was soft, and the lettuce was crisp – and the Fries were seasoned with a mild “Cajun” Seasoning, and were crisp – something that I like to see in French Fries. All in all – a very good meal.

Jacare had a Tuna Sandwich with a Salad – and neither of us were able to completely finish our respective meals.

I would definitely recommend 1212 Santa Monica to anyone that is going to be in the area – and definitely worth visiting again.

As for the price point – the 2 meals came to just over $45.00 – and considering the fact that we did not finish either meal – I would call it “well worth the money!”

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