“Cheat Day” Crazy Burger!

Nearly everyone that I know that has ever gone on a diet has a “Cheat Day.” While I am not officially on a “diet” – we have been eating better, with the Air Fryer and things like Cauliflower Rice – we had a “Cheat Day” today. When I am in LA, I have a tendency to find these places with crazy sandwiches – so, today, I decided to make my own crazy Burger.

I started with sautéing some mushrooms in Butter and sprinkling in some Garlic Salt. Then I took 2 pounds of Ground Beef (for 4 burgers), and I mixed in some Salt and Pepper, followed by the mixing in the Sautéed Mushrooms. Then I formed the Ground Beef /Mushroom mixture into 4 patties.

Then I made some Mac and Cheese to put on the burgers when finished.

I cooked the 4 burgers in my 2 cast iron skillets on medium heat. I like burgers cooked in the cast iron skillet – they have a nice char on them – and it is the next best thing to grilled burgers.

When the burgers were nearly finished, I fried some bologna and some ham.

Also, I made some homemade French Fries – twice fried. I fried them for approximately 3 minutes, then I put them in the freezer for 30 minutes. Then I brought them back out, and fried them again until finished. By doing that, you get a nice crunch on the French Fries.

Then I assembled the burgers – starting with a large bun, then adding the Fried Bologna, then the Burger Patty, then the Fried Ham, followed by the Mac and Cheese. And, for good measure, we put some Queso on top of the Mac and Cheese.

I don’t have a name for this crazy Burger – but, it sure was good. Jesse said that we now have to try to replicate some of the crazy Hot Dogs at Dave’s Dogs. Needless to say – we definitely ate too much tonight, lol.

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