Dave’s Dogs Grill

I went with my son, Jesse, to his doctor appointment in Santa Barbara today – and we stopped at Dave’s Dogs Grill for Lunch. We have been here before – but, it is definitely worth a return trip.

I had a “Pulled Pork Mac” – it is a hit dog with Pulled Pork, Mac And Cheese, BBQ Sauce, and of course – BACON! Lol. It was absolutely amazing.

Then, I had some Chili Cheese Fries. I have eaten Chili Cheese Fries all over the country – but have never had them like this. As you will see from the pictures, they do not scimp on the Chili and Cheese. This was the first the first time that I have had Chili and Cheese left – after the Fries – very impressive.

And the prices are reasonable – about $15.00/meal – and more food than one person needs – lol.

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