LA Dodger Clock

My grandson, Gunner, is a LA Dodger fan – so I decided to try my hand at making a wood clock for him. It actually turned out pretty good – for my first shot at this.

I started out with 2 small pieces of Poplar wood, planed the edges smooth, and glued them together with some biscuit joints.

Then, I laided out the LA letters and traced them onto the Poplar. Then, with a jigsaw, I cut the pieces out. Through a combination of machine and hand sanding, I got it sanded smooth, and drilled a hole through the center of the “A” . Then, I marked out, and routered out the space in the back of the clock for the clock mechanism.

Then I stained the clock with a color called “Gunstock.” We have previously made a shelf for Gunner ‘s room with the same stain.

I tried painting the black space in the middle of the “A” – but that didn’t work well, so I cut a piece of black vinyl to go on there.

Then I applied a single “heavy” coat of polyurethane over the entire front of the clock – including the vinyl and the numbers. Then I put the clock mechanism in, put the hands on, and put a battery in it to make sure it works. It worked perfectly. Gunner really liked the clock.

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