My Blooming Onion Try

Well, here is my try at a Blooming Onion in the Air Fryer. This is an interesting undertaking for me – since I don’t like onions. I started with a large White Vidalia Onion, and removed the skin, and cut off the roots, and then cut off approximately 1/3 inch off the top.

Then I removed the core of the Onion, then turned it upside-down and carefully made 4 slits with a knife in a “cross” pattern, then added 2 more slits in each section.

Then I mixed a milk and egg mixture, and a breadcrumb (and spice) mixture. I opened up the Onion and coated everything in the egg wash then coated them with the breadcrumb mixture.

Then I put it into the Air Fryer at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Here is the final result:

My granddaughter said that the Onion was way too strong. My wife liked it – but agreed that the Onion was strong. I will definitely do this again – but will tweek it as I go.

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