A Bent Ring No More!

This is a story about a Bent Ring, and some Woodworking. My wedding ring has been very badly bent for several years, and sometimes gets very uncomfortable – and sometimes I can barely get it off my finger.

So, since I have a wood lathe, I thought – why not just just a piece of Oak into a nice piece that I can straighten out my ring. So, here goes:

I started with a piece just like this:

Then I cut it down and started turning it on the lathe:

It probably took me longer to turn this small piece than it should have – but, I am still learning how to use this tool. Here are some more pictures:

It is a slow process of gradually reducing the size, and putting nice taper on it – then sanding it smooth.

Here, you can see that the size is substantially reduced, with the taper where I needed it. The remaining pictures show a finished product, as well as the ring on the finished piece of wood, and the ring after straightening it to a more “round” shape.

Now, the only thing left to do is to clean up the mess, lol.

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