“The BBQ Place” in Fillmore, CA

Today, I went with our son, Jesse, to his doctors appointment in Santa Barbara. Afterwards, we wanted to get some BBQ. The location that came highly recommended in Santa Barbara was closed, so I googled BBQ restaurants in Fillmore (on the way home). I found this little hole in the wall place called “The BBQ Place” at 604 West Ventura, in Fillmore, CA. It is a small place, with seating for less than 20 people.

Jesse and I each got the 2 Meat Combo plate, with BBQ Beef Ribs, and BBQ Chicken – with Spicy Sauce. The meal came with 4 good sized, and meaty ribs, and 1/2 of a chicken (breast, thigh, drumstick, and a wing). Everything was covered in the Spicy Sauce – which I might add – is aptly named! It also came with Chilli Beans and your choice of Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad, or Potato Salad. Since I am not crazy about any of those 3, I just stuck with the Chili Beans.

The Beef Ribs were some of the best I’ve eaten. While they were not “fall of the bone” tender – they separated from the bone with no effort – and were amazingly tender. The chicken was also good. The BBQ sauce, simply called “Spicy” – was just that – Spicy! But, it also had a very good flavor, so much so that – even though your mouth is on fire – you just want to keep eating.

As for the price point, it was just north of $41.00 for both meals – and well worth it. I would definitely go back, and would recommend it. Portion sizes were more than adequate, as I struggled to finish my meal, and Jesse did not finish his.

Then, on the way home, I picked up some Cinnabon rolls to eat for an after dinner treat after we got home.

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