“Fab Hot Dogs” in Reseda, CA

I had a doctor’s appointment at the VA in Los Angeles today, so I found this neat Hot Dog place in Reseda, CA (most of you know how much I like Hot Dogs). It is called “Fab Hot Dogs” and is located at 19417 Victory Blvd, in Reseda, CA.

This is a fairly small place, and they have all kinds of crazy type sandwiches – which is what I often look for. Here is a picture of the Menu Board.

Today, I had a Texas Burrito Dog – which is: 2 hot dogs, house made chili, yellow mustard, diced onions (which I left off), bacon, fritos, shredded Cheddar cheese, in a grilled flour tortilla.

I ordered the combo, with french fries and a drink. This was an amazing meal – what a combination of ingredients! The fries were very good, with a nice crunch on the outside. The burrito dog was quite messy – which is OK with me.

As for the prices at Fab Hot Dogs, as you can see by the Menu Board – they are very reasonable. My combo meal today cost less than $15.00.

Finally, as an added attraction, Fab Hot Dogs has an “I Ate It All” Wall of Fame. The title says it all – you eat all 48 items on the menu, all items MUST be eaten inside the restaurant (by yourself, no sharing) – and you have 1 year to do it.

If you like Hot Dogs like I do – then you owe it to yourself to check out Fab Hot Dogs.

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