Bakersfield High School last Home Game

Last night, November 9th, 2018, was the last Home football game of the 2018 campaign for Bakersfield High School. Therefore, this blog is a combination of “Food” and “Grandkids.” My 15 year old granddaughter, Leana, is in the marching band, and I try not to miss any of her performances. I am so incredibly proud of her, and the accomplishments that she has made – especially since being in high school.

Here is a video of the Halftime performance from the game last night. This is an interesting theme – it is called “Bad.” The essence of the theme is Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf – from the Wolf’s perspective. If you watch the video, there are times where I follow the Wolf pursuing Little Red Riding Hood.

BHS went on to win the game by a score of 51 – 24 against a very game Bullard High School out of Fresno, CA. Their next game is this coming Friday, November 16th (Leana’s 16th birthday), against Central High School – at Central High School in Fresno. If BHS can pull this out, they will play for the State Championship in their division.

Now, to the “Food” part of the blog, lol. At every home Varsity football, the Band Boosters sell Baked Potatoes – with all the fixings – for only $5.00.

They have a simple philosophy – they NEVER want to be accused of not giving the customer a good value for their money. Trust me, no worries of that happening, lol. As you can see, there is actually 2 Baked Potatoes in this serving. I have seen them with as many as 4 in one serving. The meal pictured has butter, chili beans, cheese, and bacon bits. There also is the option of onions and sour cream.

It’s difficult to find a better “bang for your buck” than this Baked Potato.

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